If you are ready to give the key from your heart…

il_fullxfull.469189501_gol6Are you in love? Or just have the person you trust completely? It may be your mom, girlfriend, sister or just some dear friend. If you are ready to give the key from your heart to someone you love you can do it in a special symbolic way: with our “Key from Heart” necklace.

This heart key necklace is so cute and delicate! Made in extremely womanly and refined style it will suit every girl or woman and may them look even more nice. She can wear it every day or just for special occasions – it will always  be of use for everyone who want to stress her beauty and femininity. In the same time it will not only be a stylish piece of jewelry! Every time she looks at it, the key charm necklace will remind her of your devotion, love and everlasting gratitude.

The key necklace with 18″ chains included is made of high quality stainless steel and will gladden your lover with its high quality.

“Key from Heart” necklace is a perfect lovers gift, with the help of which you can demonstrate your great affection and trust to someone who is of really great importance!

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