Starry gift for Big Sister

il_fullxfull.575257313_9g6bIf the destiny gave a big sister to you, then you have the best adviser, friend and helper. She is your guardian angel who was waiting impatiently for your birth and has always been next to you since you came to this world. She is ready to help you any time of the day and night and cares about you as much as your parents do. Our newest Big Sister Star Necklace is created to help you to express all the best feelings towards your big sister.

This lovely piece of sisters jewelry is made of hypo-allerganic high-quality gold stainless steel and consists of a pendant and 18” chains. The pendant is star-shaped and engraved with an inscription “Big Sis”.The design of this necklace is fancy and simple. Such a sweet accessory can add a special attraction to the outfit of woman of any age and preferences. It looks stylish and elegant. Being a beautiful gold sister gift it will show your refined taste. Also it will become a touching symbol of your dedication and gratitude to your Big Sis.

Don’t wait for some special occasion! Your sister deserves to receive such a nice gift without any particular reason. The most important reason is your willingness to please your dearest one and share your love in an original way.


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